2001 Suburban Upgrades


2001 Suburban Upgrades | ARB Roof Rack | Lift Kit | Reading Light | AUX Battery | Power Distribution | Power Routing | Two Way Radio | MP3 Reading Light | MP3 Player | Switch & I/O Panel | Off Road Lights | AxleCam | Mud Guards

Starting with a1989 3/4 ton 4x4 Chevy Suburban, several years of modifications led to a vehicle that was perfect as the rescue truck for those who got themselves into unfortunate situations. Make no mistake, the 89 Sub is no slouch and is able to keep up with the best of them - be it Jeeps or Rover D90s. Granted these vehicles could fit in smaller areas and outmaneuver the Sub, but in the open, the Sub could take on any of these lightweights as if it were a D9 Cat motoring up, around, or through any grade presented to it. The usual plan of attack was to let the kids have their fun getting through whatever challenge was presented to them. Then, after making sure the others successfully overcame the problem area, the trusty Sub simply cake walked through the same spot and on to the next.

With the availability of the new, correctly sized and fully capable, 2000 Chevy Suburban, it was time to upgrade. The 2000 Sub has roughly the same interior space as the pre-91 Subs (91 is about when GM decided to downsize the Sub to make it more of a shopping mall, garage parkable, sized vehicle). Being a smart consumer, the 2001 was the truck to wait for, giving GM time to work out any problems with the new style. Eventually the time came, and the time and money spent working on the 89 came to a halt.

With the1989 Suburban modification work complete, many tricks learned from the experience, and now sold to its next keeper, it is time to start work on the new 2001 3/4 ton 4x4 Suburban. After taking delivery of the 2001, a short list of needed modifications became obvious: Stereo additions, an industrial strength roof rack, secondary electrical system, communications gear, 6 inch lift/tires/wheels, full front brush guard & winch, and AxleCam video system, all in roughly that order of importance.

Some of the modifications were easy, while others took some work. The roof rack chosen was the ARB basket rack as it offered the strength and size equivalent to a Con-Ferr rack, with the styling to match the Suburban's new body style. The lift kit was a choice of either the RCD or Superlift 6 inch suspension lifts, both being equally strong and well designed. The tires size chosen was 35x12.50x16.50 BFG mudders, but 33's replaced them after a few hundred miles due to clearance issues. The Ramsey Sierra Wraparound brush guard looks to be the best fit with the new body style, and can hold an electric 9.5K Ramsey or most likely a hydraulic 10.5K Mile-Marker winch. The harder problems were the interior items, such as the placement and integration of the MP3 player, the secondary electrical breaker panel, and the communications gear. The display for the AxelCam system is still not even close to being finished.